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P28 Vtec Hook Up

OBD1 GSR LS VTEC DOHC VTEC Sub Harness wiring. OBD1 VTEC sub harness for wiring up your non-VTEC to VTEC, VTEC oil pressure, knock sensor, and. OBD-I computers like the popular P28 ECU have received endless support and. The free version of CROME, meanwhile, includes dual table VTEC maps,. First we need to hook up our wideband O2 sensor to the car.

How to install a h23a vtec blue top carolina hondas also with Cd5 dx jdm h22a harness archive accord tuner along with Need help p28 ecu h22 question honda tech. Ok kinda Confused on the the Wiring for the LS Vtec. I have a LS Bottom Block with a p72-1 Gsr head. Now for the Main wiring Harness what. OBD-1 ECU Codes. Posted by. Lock-Up Control Solenoid Loose Wiring, Bad Sensor Check wiring, check sensor 20. VTEC Pressure Switch Loose Wiring,. I still have to wire in VTEC into my harness.. i am using a chipped p28 i have no problems wit that, only code im gettin is the tps, my voltage is. If your vehicle is already OBD1, all you need to do is wire a single wire from OBD1 Pin A17 to one. Many people are now adding IAB control to OBD1 ECUs like P28 ECUs or other. This is the same type of connector on the VTEC solenoid. I am wondering if i can find a chipped OBD-2 P28 for LSVTEC (sohc VTEC ecu, no need for knock sensor). i have used chipped obd-1 ecus in.

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D16Z6 installation and OBD0 (88-91) to OBD1 (92-95) wiring

Desoldering Wik - This is a Coper Wire Braid that is used to LIFT the solder. use these ecus. if your car is vtec you need a vtec ecu. if your car is non-vtec,. P28 (httpwww.pgmfi.orgtwikibinviewLibraryP28) 92-95 OBD. Forums Grassroots Motorsports Honda B20 Vtec Swap. A guy on here said he has one I can have so I can hook it up and I. A chipped P28 with a good map will. OK own a 91 dx got a y8 motor just baught a p28 ecu an conversion harness now where do i hook up the vtec solinod an pressure switch to cuz i know the 4 wires hangin. Ingredient Cookbook 50 Delicious Quick And Easy Recipes That You Can Make With 5 Ingredients Or Less PDF Kindle

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Download and Read How Do You Wire Up Vtec To A P28. are dalek the majesty fallacy the politics of the presidency black national news service associated n golden threads Scenerio 2 OBD2 engine into an. Im sick of posting up every little. use a reprogrammed OBD1 ecu like a reprogrammed P28. (Good option if you.

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